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The Company
Teri McCollough founded BRIGHT IDEAS COACH in January 2000, with this mission: to empower individuals to achieve business success and personal fulfillment by creating balance and harmony between their personal and professional lives.

BRIGHT IDEAS COACH has helped clients to: 

 - clarify their "ideal" business and life

 - set and achieve higher quality goals

 - eliminate rather than tolerate the negatives in their life

 - accelerate their personal and professional success

 - get back into the workforce or start a new business

 - enhance and maximize their relationships

 - make healthy decisions for their life

 - achieve a balanced and joyful life
The Lead Coach

As a full-time coach in the financial industry since 1997, Teri McCollough has coached hundreds of individuals to exceed their personal and professional goals.  She has extensive experience with one-to-one coaching, large and small group coaching, training and experiential workshops, speaking events, and teleclasses.  She has also coached corporate executive teams for companies like Pepsi Co, Taco Bell and Toshiba.  With nearly two decades of business experience, she specializes in new business start-ups, business growth, employee relations, time management, goal setting, and balancing work and family. 

As the Vice President at one of the top marketing companies in the financial industry in the late '90s, Teri spearheaded the development of one of the top coaching programs for investment advisors, financial planners and stockbrokers, before starting her own business.  In the book Effortless Marketing for Financial Advisors, by Steve Moeller, she was thanked for being "personally responsible for many of the success stories shared in this book.  She is undoubtedly one of the world's most gifted coaches".

As President of BRIGHT IDEAS COACH, Teri attended Coach University and became a Master Certified Coach in 2004 to enhance her knowledge, skills, and experience as well as networking with the most experienced coaches in the business.  Her coaching and consulting career has enabled her to travel extensively, including China, Bermuda, Mexico and Canada to work with some of the best and brightest business professionals.  With a passion for giving back, she volunteers her time coaching military veterans to jump start their careers and become business owners, which allows them flexible work schedules and to pay it forward to others in need.

The Services
BRIGHT IDEAS COACH offers both personal and professional coaching programs, and customized coaching services to assist in your development.  Since people are unique and their needs will vary, we are open to customizing a program that is just right for you!  Please see "Services" for a detailed list of what we offer.

The Process
The coaching process is simple; you can be coached by telephone or video conference in the convenience of your home or office through scheduled appointments, or we can meet in person for a more personalized approach.  You will also receive support via fax and e-mail.  Our coach works with your schedule to maximize your results.

Free Coaching Session

Contact us now for a free coaching session to help you get acquainted with the process and its benefits!