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*Accelerate Success                   

*Create Life Balance

Illuminate Your Life.  Illuminate The World.

BRIGHT IDEAS COACH is dedicated to helping our clients maximize their coaching experience by providing valuable coaching tools.  After a detailed review of your current situation/business model, you and your coach can determine what tools you will need from BRIGHT IDEAS COACH, along with on-going coaching support.  Listed below are the various tools provided by BRIGHT IDEAS COACH, along with some benefits from working our coaching programs.

Personal Performance Program

  Coaching Tools:
   - Dozens of assessment tests, worksheets, checklists and articles to assist in your growth
   - Complimentary reading materials and recommendations to move you forward
   - Homework assignments, exercises and learning experiences to maximize your performance and enhance your effectiveness

  Coaching Benefits:
   - You are in control of the outcome
   - You will call all the shots
   - You will have an impartial, honest, caring partner that truly wants what’s best for you
   - You will use your own knowledge to create your future
   - You will deepen your learning, improve your performance, and maximize your opportunities
   - You will learn valuable techniques to "rewire" your thinking so you can create the life you want!

Business Building Program
  Coaching Tools:
   - Analysis of current business to determine your business strengths and weaknesses 

   - Informal written business plan to guide the coaching process
   - Structured coaching assignments to accelerate the learning curve
   - Customized marketing materials to position your company
   - Sample questionnaires, surveys, scripts and forms to ease the process
   - Complimentary reading materials and recommendations to enhance your knowledge

  Coaching Benefits:
   - You will have a clear direction for your business
   - Your staff will have the tools necessary to thrive at your company
   - You will have a powerful marketing message and a strategic plan to get the word out
   - Your clients will have a clear understanding of how you can help them and why they need you
   - You will achieve balance between work and home by utilizing time management techniques
   - You will position yourself in your community as a leader in your field
   - You will build powerful relationships with other business leaders and influential people
   - You will have less day-to-day stress and feel rejuvenated
   - You will be more excited about your work and life!

Free Coaching Session
If you would like to explore how these tools and benefits may help you exceed your goals and dreams,  contact us now to schedule your free coaching session!